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About Solent NHS Trust

Solent NHS Trust specialises in providing high quality, best value community and mental health services. We do this by putting individuals and their families at the heart of our decision making, and by forming strategic partnerships with other organisations so that our service users and commissioners benefit from local, integrated community solutions. Find out more about what Solent NHS Trust do and become a member via the website


About Solent GP Surgery

Solent GP Surgery was created in April 2017 from the merger of 3 GP surgeries operated by Solent NHS Trust in Southampton; Adelaide Surgery, Nicholstown Surgery and Portswood Solent Surgery. This brought together 3 teams of highly skilled GPs, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Administrators to be able to provide better quality care to patients in three very diverse parts of our city.

The merger sees all three sites remain open and all patients will still be able to see their GP at their usual site. As a patient, you benefit from the merger by being able to access longer opening hours at Adelaide which is open 8am-8pm, 6 days a week should it be needed. It also means that if you move within Southampton, there's less chance that you will need to re-register with another GP surgery and can instead be seen regularly at the nearest Solent GP Surgery site.  For us as your surgery, it gives us a chance to try new ways of working which should give your doctor more time to spend with you during your consultation.

The surgery has an active patient participation group and we welcome the input of our patients to help improve the service. The group is always on the lookout for new members. Please click here to find out more or speak to a receptionist at any of the sites.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our sites.

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