If you are over 18 and concerned you may have undiagnosed ADHD and would like to seek help for this, please can we kindly request you seek further guidance on NHS-approved private providers.


Providers working within the Right to Choose Framework have an NHS commissioned contract somewhere in the country and we can therefore be assured that the right quality and governance checks have been completed. Unfortunately if you see a provider who is not included in the Right to Choose framework we are not able to commit to prescribing any ongoing medication you may have been prescribed/given.

f you have seen a private provider outside of the framework and are already on an NHS waiting list we suggest that you keep that appointment to enable a transfer to ongoing NHS care.

We are aware that there have been extremely long waits for patients to be seen through the locally commissioned NHS service but we have been informed that work is ongoing to secure regular, timely and sustainable provision in the future. We will update with further information as it becomes available.