Register with us as a New Patient




Closure of Practice List

From 2nd September 2022, please be aware we have now closed our list for new patients to register at our practice. The exemption to this will be newborn children of mothers registered at the practice. This closure will last for a 9 month period, however, we will review this throughout the closure period & may re-open our list if we feel is it safe to do so.


How to register

Across our three sites, Solent GP Surgery covers most of the city of Southampton. If you live in SO14, SO15, SO16 or SO17 postcode areas then you are eligible to register.

You do NOT need to present ID to register as a patient at any site.

We DO need to see ID if you wish to access online services once you are registered. Links to our online services are in the navigation bar at the top of this page. 

Soon after you have been registered you will be able to make appointments for any member of our team. As part of the registration process, there is a health questionaire to complete and this is where you can let us know about any long standing medical problems that you suffer from.  We do not routinely offer new patient checks to newly registered patients however if you would like one, please speak to reception who will book you one with a nurse.

If you are living temporarily in the area for less than six months you will be able to register as a temporary patient. If you will be here for longer then you will be offered permanent registration. We do not offer temporary registration to patients registered with another surgery within Southampton.

If you are a visitor from abroad then you may be required to pay for NHS treatment (unless you are working, studying, claiming asylum or have been given leave to remain). Any hospital treatment (except emergency care) may incur a cost.  For more information, click here.

When you register at the practice you will be asked to fill in a registration form and a new patient form.

All patients are allocated to a named accountable GP soon after registration at the practice.