Newsletter: February to March 2024




This newsletter will be our way of communicating surgery updates more regularly with everyone to keep you more informed.

What we plan to do is to keep you updated with any updates and news here within the surgery. We also want to celebrate our successes with you. We also appreciate your input so if you have anything that you would like to say, please come and speak with a member of staff!


Closure dates

The surgery will also be closed on 29th March (Good Friday) and 1st April (Easter Monday).


Family HUB

Family HUB is a session at our Nicholstown site fortnightly for patients with children 0-19yrs- when we next get confirmed dates we shall let you know. A space for families to get support, advice, and play. Families can enjoy play sessions, find a quiet place to breastfeed and get parenting advice. They are based at 60-68 Clovelly Rd, Southampton SO14 0AU. There is no appointment needed, you can just walk in. They do parent courses, breastfeeding help and dad mental health club.



Ramadan 2024

This year, Ramadan is expected to begin on Monday 11th March 2024 and end on the evening of Tuesday 9th April 2024. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is one of the holiest periods of worship for Muslims.

During the period of Ramadan, it is very important to keep your diabetes maintained and here are some tips and further advice on how to do so




World Hearing Day 2024

World Hearing Day takes place on Sunday 3rd March 2024. It is a yearly event which raises awareness regarding hearing loss and promoting ear and hearing care.

Help and advice for healthy ears and hearing


Other notable dates in March 2024

  • International Women’s Day - Friday 8th
  • Mothers day - Sunday 10th
  • Red Nose Day - Friday 15th
  • Good Friday - Friday 29th
  • Easter Sunday - Sunday 31st

February’s statistics

This month alone we have had 454 patients not turn up for their appointments. This led to 154 hours of the clinician’s time being wasted. Please can we remind all patients to turn up on time to their appointments, if you are running a few minutes late or no longer able to attend, please call reception with plenty of notice. In February we received 55 family and friend questionnaires from all 3 sites and here are the statistics to show all the data collected.

Overall, how was your experience of our services?


  • Very Good - 59%
  • Good - 29%
  • Neither good nor poor - 3%
  • Poor - 6%
  • Very Poor - 3%
  • Don't know - 0%


  • Very Good - 56%
  • Good - 33%
  • Neither good nor poor - 0%
  • Poor - 6%
  • Very Poor - 6%
  • Don't know - 0%


  • Very Good - 33%
  • Good - 67%
  • Neither good nor poor - 0%
  • Poor - 0%
  • Very Poor - 0%
  • Don't know - 0%

Some Positive comments that we’ve received throughout February

  • ‘Short wait time, friendly staff.’
  • ‘Calm and attentive.’
  • ‘Nurse listened to me and was very clear in her explanations.’
  • ‘very polite and calming throughout bloods’
  • ‘Reception + Nurse wonderful.’
  • ‘Quick response to E-consult.’
  • ‘Trust the surgery.’
  • ‘Supportive’

Team Spotlight of the Month

Each month, we want to focus on a particular team within Solent GP Surgery and Homeless Healthcare. Hoping to provide information on the roles and responsibilities of each team and a chance to give a more in-depth explanation of what we do here.

In the Spotlight this month: Reception team!

The reception team at Solent GP Surgery is the first point of contact for all people who interact with our service. Our team is passionate about helping patients and colleagues and we aim to provide a helpful, friendly, and effective experience through all our interactions with patients, whether that’s booking on urgent appointments, calling out to book routine blood tests, or helping with general enquiries!

We are trained to help navigate patients to the correct pathways and allow them to utilise the full range of services we provide as a GP surgery, including appointments with Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Pharmacists, ensuring patients can see the right person and access effective help quicker.

Published: Mar 9, 2024