Solent GP Surgery – phased return to Portswood site




During the pandemic, Solent GP Surgery loaned the use of its Portswood site to help in the fight of COVID-19 across the city. This resulted in all our clinics being moved to our Adelaide and Nicholstown sites. We’re aware that this caused frustration for patients who usually used Portswood due to the distance needed to travel for an appointment as well as other issues such as parking.

We are pleased to announce that from Monday 15th May 2023, Solent GP Surgery will be starting a limited, phased return to Portswood. Initially we will only be offering practice nurse and HCA appointments. No GP appointments will initially be offered at the site. All GP clinics will remain at Adelaide and Nicholstown for the time being.

Along with a national shortage of GPs, the main reason for this is that the building at Portswood has given good service and is now also well-loved. Some parts of the site need a bit of attention and work done to allow us to open the site wider for more appointments to be offered and for it to be fully staffed. We are working with Solent NHS Trust to complete this work as soon as possible.

What will be on offer at Portswood when it re-opens on Monday 15th May:

  • HCA appointments such as blood test appointments, dressing changes, injections etc.
  • Practice Nurse appointments such as injections, childhood immunisations, smear tests etc.

We thank you all for your ongoing patience over the last three years and as we work to restore Portswood to full capacity. We look forward to welcoming patients back to the site in the next few weeks.

Published: May 5, 2023