Blood Tests At The Surgery: Update




As you might be aware from recent news reports, there is a national shortage of blood bottles. Unfortunately, the surgery is affected by this shortage and is something beyond our control.

As a result, we are needing to change what blood tests we will be booking until the situation improves.  This might mean that your blood test is postponed until later in the year.

We will only be booking blood tests that are urgently required such as those needed for fast-track referrals, that are very overdue or those that are needed to help avoid someone going into hospital.  If a blood test is decided as clinically urgent by the team, you will be seen.

We appreciate that this can be frustrating, especially for patients who have regular blood tests for their condition. When there is an improvement in supply, we will be looking to reschedule any appointments that we have to postpone.

We will update you once we have any further word.

Published: Aug 27, 2021